Ice candles and lanterns

Ice candles and lanterns

You’re not freezing because you’ve had a picnic at the cottage. The children went for a walk and played. It’s evening. Darkens. Why not invite the kids to decorate the playground? Place and light cooked ice-candle lanterns around the perimeter or individual compositions in several places. The transformed site will be like an illustration to a romantic good legend. You can even work with children: come up with heroes and discuss their deeds.

To make these gorgeous decorations you will need two bowls or cylindrical jars, one of which will be more than the other. A smaller vessel is hung inside a larger vessel. Fill the gap between the containers with water. Use a sticky tape and a loader to center and fix a smaller jar.

The space between the bowls can be filled with leaves, flowers, berries, glitters, tinsel and a variety of Christmas decorations. Experiment. Add dyes to change the color of candles and flashlights.

Place the bucket on the street (balcony, veranda) or in the freezer. When the water is frozen, carefully remove your work of art from the containers. To facilitate extraction, you can dip the entire structure in a slightly warm water (hot water can crack bowls and ice).

To complete the product, place a small candle on the bottom of the well, where the cup used to be. If the ice edge is chipped – do not worry. Turn the bowl over and cover the small candle on top – it will be a flashlight.

Rainbow ice candles are made in stages. Gradually fill the space between the vessels with cold water of different colors, freezing layer by layer.

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