Soap bubbles in the cold

Soap bubbles in the cold

Playing with soap bubbles brings fun at any time of the year. Try to freeze the soap bubble and you will get a magical fragile ball painted with beautiful patterns.

Use a regular solution from a bottle of soap bubbles. At a fairly low temperature (in the cold -15…-25 degrees Celsius) the bubble will freeze in a few seconds. Immediately after blowing up at different points of the surface there are small crystals, which quickly grow and merge. Breaking frozen bubbles is fun winter fun not only for children, but also for adults.

In a mild frost at -3…-7 degrees Celsius, the blown bubbles do not freeze, no matter how much they are kept in the cold. However, if you drop at least one snowflake on top of the bubble, it will sink to the bottom of the bubble and the film will crystallize – the bubble will freeze. If you put the bubble on the snow – it will also freeze after a while.

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