Colored ice sculptures in the snow

Colored ice sculptures in the snow

Designing and modeling on the street? It’s easy. The main thing is to freeze a lot of multicolored water. The first reason for success – a box of all sorts of different parts, so the construction of the ice sculpture should be prepared in advance. Freezing water and filling the box is likely to take as many days, so determine his place on the street (balcony, veranda…)

Use everything you find in the house: ice cube shapes, baking molds, small food containers and storage containers. It is better to use watercolors from paints. Goose and food coloring will also be suitable, but can leave stains on the clothes.

Once you’ve made enough ice, you’ll have to wait for a nice frost.

Each time, when adding ice parts to your design, drop a little water from the bottle on the cube and wait a little. The water will freeze pretty quickly and form a “glue” that binds the cubes!

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