Snow sculptures

Snow sculptures

Snow is a very convenient and plastic material for the creation of snow sculptures. All you need is a mass of well-rammed snow, well-represented, an image of your work of art and a few simple tools: a regular shovel for snow (for cutting large shapes), a beach shovel (for small work), a spoon (for small details) and a bottle with a water spray (optional).

Be sure to put on warm gloves, and that they do not get wet in the process, pull on top of another – rubber.

Where to start and how to do? The first task is to prepare more snow. For small snow figures enough material that is around, but for the monumental will need more raw materials.

Don’t worry – everything will work out, imagine that you are working with clay. Ram the snow, make the main shape with a large shovel, use a spatula and a spoon for small details. If you cut a lot of excess – put on this place snow – and on a new. To make the structure strong, wet the snow with warm water, and insert the stick and branch inside the parts of the stick and branches when creating thin elements.

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The article was prepared by Natalia Khomutoff. For the online publication “Self-Development“. Photo: Google.Pictures, Yandex.Pictures. Subscribe to my channel at facebook, twitter, instagram.