Industrial tourism as Russia's new trend for 2021

Industrial tourism as Russia’s new trend for 2021

Industrial tourism is a powerful marketing tool that can quickly start the process of communication in the business environment. This is a way to introduce everyone to the professional activities of the company, share secrets and dispel stereotypical myths about products.

Industrial tourism in Russia originated in the early 1930s. In the form of the Soviet Tourist Company. It produced leaflets with routes of production excursions: on the mountain; Chemical; silk, wool, cotton, metal. The goal, in those days, was to share the experience of employees of enterprises.

In Russia, there is a trend for “openness.”

Trend is the main trend of changing something.
Being on trend is to be able to highlight the key aspects of a particular trend and be able to implement them in the best way possible at the moment.

In 2017, the Industrial Tourism Development Council in the Russian Federation was established, the task of which is to stimulate the development of interregional industrial tourism routes, strengthen the ties of Russian industrial enterprises and tourism companies engaged in educational tours, including visits to industrial facilities, obtaining access to industrial facilities, and forming a single map of industrial tourism in Russia.

In Russia, the “Economy of Impressions,” as it is now commonly called the tourism industry, has not yet entered an active phase and has not been able to replace other types of economy – raw materials, commodity and economy services, which for many years and focused on the development of the country.

In general, the direction of industrial tourism has no mass distribution in the Russian Federation. At the same time, it is one of the main areas of strategic development of the Russian Federation.

Excursions to industrial enterprises are widespread all over the world and have been held for more than 100 years.

World industrial tourism was born in 1866, when Jack Daniel’s factory opened its doors to visitors. Today, some of the most popular objects in the world: the Cadberry Chocolate Factory, the Toyota factory and the Ben and Jerrys ice cream factory.

In Russia, in the 21st century, industrial tourism became part of the overall task of the development of the tourism industry. The Center was chosen by the Ural region, which houses a large number of enterprises related to metallurgy and mining.

Industrial tourism can be of interest to schoolchildren and students and pursue one main goal – to introduce students and their parents to the world of professions.

In monocities such as Kamensk-Uralsky, urban enterprises can become sites for industrial tourism, which in turn have their own traditions, history and absolutely unique, authentic format of work.

Getting behind the gates of such factories, visitors (tourists) will be able to see not just the buildings of workshops and factory management, and immerse themselves in mini-cities living according to their established rules, with their roads, buss, monuments, alleys and railway tracks.

List of possible Kamenska-Uralsky enterprises for the development of Industrial Tourism:

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