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Cold days or what they are, icy towns, at -26 °F

It’s the cold start of the New Year!

What’s the frost like? Going out in the morning to the street and forgetting the demand, will take a deep breath all over the chest and cling. It chains you with chains, as if Santa Claus or Snow Maiden kissed you, and you are reincarnated, slowly but surely, into a frozen snowman.

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There are people who are responsible, focused on work and learning. Proudly carry themselves – in a cross, defections from one warm island to another get.

The creaking – a creaking… Birds, dogs don’t bark. Don’t even run. Only you can hear the crunch of snow under your feet.

Ice towns are abandoned. Not because they’re bad, just… Oh, theirs! As long as you roll down the hill, you’ll freeze. No, of course there are desperate people. Was the slide under construction? Built! “We have to go for a ride!

Usually such a surge of heroic silliness quickly ends and you think, “Well, how, why did I do it? The mittens are now wet, the pants are standing, and we have to get home somehow…”

It is a pity that very soon ice sculptures and slides will be dismantled. Why are they being cleaned so early? Who are they interfering with? It seems that they do not ask to eat and drink – whether they would stand quietly and we were pleased.

I like to wander around the ice statues, to watch the game of light lost in the faces; on the skill of the masters – sometimes a little rough, but no less beautiful. Here’s the blade of grass in the ice… You see? Eh! Someone broke such a pretty fence!

Oh, and it’s cold! Let’s give the weather a second chance. Can she get better and give us warm winter days? Just get it ready.

As lacking here is a little hustle, squealing and laughter. I want children with happy smiles to run from roller coaster to roller coaster; so that the wonderful winter photo zones line up. So that people can visit all the ice towns before they are destroyed; to have a good mood and pleasant moments with us until next year.

© Text author: Natalia Khomutoff, January 14, 2021. Photo: Andrey Khomutoff.

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